About Me

I am currently an Instructor of philosophy, women’s and gender studies, cultural studies, and political science at three different universities! I am also a subject matter expert/course designer in cultural studies at Athabasca University. Three years ago, when I started teaching for Athabasca University I began graduate courses in distance education to learn how to create engaging and effective online learning. I recently spent two years as an instructional designer at MacEwan University’s Student Success Services.

_DSC8554I defended my PhD in December of 2014. My supervisor was Dr. Cressida J. Heyes, the Canada Research Chair in the Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality. My dissertation, entitled “Habits of Resistance: Feminism, Phenomenology, and Temporality” was the subject of an episode of CBC radio’s Ideas in February, 2015.

My main area of research is habit: how to change habits, how habits constitute our selves, and different methods of habit acquisition and change and how oppressive contexts inflect and frustrate these processes. My interests include but are not limited to ethics, political philosophy, literature, French philosophy, feminism, postmodern philosophy, psychoanalysis, modern and late modern philosophy, existentialism, and phenomenology.

I am originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with High Honours and recognition in French (2005) and a Master’s of Arts degree (2007). In 2010, I was awarded a graduate student teaching award for excellence in teaching from the faculty of arts at the University of Alberta.I recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Technology-based Learning from Athabasca University (2019).

My full CV is available here: CurriculumVitae 2020

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